Cubby Bed

Smart Bed for Special Needs Children 

Modern safety beds for kids and adults with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs. Insurance and Medicaid Covered. Rest Easy Knowing Your Child Is Comfy and Safe! 


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  1. Cubby creates a calming environment that enables self regulation.
  2. Sensory Friendly and comfortable.
  3. Minimizes meltdowns.
  4. The padded canopy, safety sheets, and monitoring camera provide 24/7 safety for your loved one.
  5. Despite being enclosed, these beds are designed to allow good visibility and air circulation.


How to Get Cubby Covered by Insurance

1. Connect with a Medical Supplier (That's us!) 

2. Get Rx + Gather Documents (Physician and/or OT)  

3. Submit paperwork to Insurance for prior authorization 

4. Get Approved + we deliver/assemble the bed!

5. Enjoy Safer Sleep! 


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