Enteral Nutritional Services

Enteral Nutrition (EN), also called Tube Feeding, is provided to people who cannot consume enough or absorb enough nutrients to meet their body’s nutritional needs. EN provides a nutritionally complete formula directly into the stomach or small intestine through a flexible, hollow tube.

Various formulas are available for adults and children with special needs. The formula should be selected by a physician or a dietitian who is familiar with the various formulas. 

We provide a complete Enteral Nutritional set up consisting of the pump machine, IV pole, tubing, formula, gtube, feeding bags, etc. 

Enteral Resources:

Enteral/Oral Nutritional Service welcome guide: Download PDF 

Enteral Pump Resources 

Infinity Pump by Moog: Download PDF

Kangaroo Joey Pump by Cardinal Health: Download PDF

For more information about the program or to initiate enteral nutrition services for a patient at home call 612-223-8644 or fax your order to 612-223-8661.