Suction Pump Vacu-Aide® Compact


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Features Comes complete with a rechargeable battery, 12 V DC in car charger, reusable canister, mains lead and carry case
Built-in bacteria filter is located in the unit’s bottle assembly; unique float valve prevents backflow into the unit
Travel-friendly design meets RTCA/DO-160D Aircraft Standard for Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment (won't interfere with a plane’s navigation system)
Small and lightweight portable aspirator with critical safety and performance advantages
The Vacu-Aide Compact is ideal for home or hospital use and meets the stringent ISO 10079-1 standards for emergency transport suction
Enhanced battery life for up to one-hour operation. Prescription is required. Product Notices
This product may be non-returnable or require additional restocking fee.

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